Promises a more intuitive and centralised experience for Battlefield videogames.

You’ll see the same UI in this October’s Battlefield 1.<br /><br />"Besides being a total visual overhaul, there are a number of changes to how you actually play with friends. There are some updates to Squads that should make spawning on your buddies a much smoother experience," explains DICE.<br /><br />"There are other changes as well, many of which you’ll notice as you poke around. A big one is the inclusion of a recommendation engine that suggest maps, modes, and more."<br /><br />DICE adds that the unified UI is designed to…

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New songs, features and tools created for reworked version.

Ubisoft has announced Rocksmith 2014 Edition – Remastered, a reworked version of the 2014 music videogame rocking on to PlayStation 4, XBox One, PC and Mac later this year.<br /><br />Releasing on October 4, the remaster includes six new songs plus improved menus, additional practice tools, a customisable learning curve and stat tracking. Plus, if you’ve already picked up the original 2014 version, you’ll be able to download the new features for free.<br /><br />Here’s the new songs:<br /><br />Bob Marley & The Wailers “Three Little Birds”Elvis Presley…

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Consumers need to "understand its uniqueness and what that means for the videogame playing experience".

"Every time we launch a new platform, every time we launch a critical new videogame, we always learn. We always do our breakdown of what worked, what didn’t, and certainly we’ve done that with Wii U, and we continue to believe that the innovation of the second screen was a worthwhile concept," he explained.<br /><br />He continued: "One of the things that we have to do better when we launch the NX—we have to do a better job communicating the positioning for the product. We have to do a better job helping people to understand its uniqueness and what that means for…

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Loot drops, solo play and Dark Zone balancing to be addressed in major October update.

The two expansions – ‘Survival’ and ‘Last Stand’ – had previously been due to release this summer and winter respectively. However, Survival currently won’t launch until later in the year, with Last Stand pushed back to early 2017. <br /><br />Ubisoft won’t give exact dates, but it promises that Survival will release "before the end of the calendar year".<br /><br />In the meantime, developer Ubisoft Massive is working on releasing a major new update in October that is focused entirely "on bug fixing, videogame balancing and other improvements". The update -…

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Choose who should live and who should die in Dontnod’s latest.

Dontnod Entertainment has released 15 minutes of videogameplay footage from its next videogame, Vampyr.<br /><br />The video (above) catches up with lead character Dr Jonathan Reid shortly after the videogame’s opening, and offers an early look at some of the videogame’s NPCs, its eerie London backdrop, and some good old-fashioned neck-biting. <br /><br />Be warned, however, that the videogame is still "very early in the development process" – particularly the combat system, Dontnod says – so expect to see it tweaked significantly for the final videogame.<br /><br />Vampyr…

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News: Sony registers new DualShock 4 & PlayStation Move controllers

Certification applications spotted at Indonesian agency.

As discovered by Beyond3D forum member orangpelupa, applications for a new PlayStation Move game controller (CECH-ZCM1G) and a new DualShock 4 game controller (CUH-ZCT2G) were filed with the agency earlier in August, ahead of their expected reveal at next month’s PlayStation Meeting.<br /><br />The agency seems to be the equivalent to the US’s FCC, with certification required in order for the devices to legally be put on sale.<br /><br />A new DualShock 4 game controller featuring a front-facing lightbar leaked earlier this week alongside a new PlayStation 4 Slim. Neither device has yet to…

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Feature: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – Can you play it like Call of Duty?

Does Eidos Montreal’s latest really let you play how you want and what happens if you go down that path?

I almost lost interest and abandoned the idea while watching the opening recap movie, but I stuck with it in order to bring you this report (it was probably skippable, but I didn’t look and had I skipped it I’d have had nothing to moan about to start this paragraph). I used the time to come up with some rules. I’d kill everyone who I deemed an enemy, using whatever means I had available – ideally a gun or grenade or knife attack, but a cone or large box if it came to it. I would never sneak through areas. Taking cover is fine, but no ghosting or whatever stealth aficionados like to call…

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News: Kojima joins advisory board of VR firm Prologue Immersive

Will help shape the future of VR.

Kojima and Kyle Cooper have been close friends for over 17 years, with Cooper having worked on title sequences for Metal Gear Solid 2 and Metal Gear Solid 3.<br /><br />"I’m very excited to hear that masters of the visual arts such as Kyle Cooper and his team are taking on yet another challenge in this online interactive media that is VR. Through VR, I am certain they will strive to connect films and video videogames and take us on to that bridge to the future that lies ahead," said Kojima. "It would be my absolute pleasure to assist the Coopers on this new adventure…

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News: Forza Motorsport 6 might be free to play this weekend

Racer reportedly turns up in users’ download lists.

Some users on Reddit noticed overnight that the videogame can be downloaded and installed to their XBox One, despite having not purchased it. The videogame is also reportedly featured in the Gold section of the American XBox Store, alongside the label "Free Play Days Gold".<br /><br />Micro$oft has yet to announce a free-play period for Forza Motorsport 6, although it has offered free weekends for other videogames in the past, including Sunset Overdrive, Halo 5: Guardians and Rainbow Six Siege.<br /><br />Once the free play period is over, players must purchase the videogame…

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News: Titanfall 2 to be tweaked as Respawn responds to tech test feedback

Wall-running to be made faster, open map design not indicative of final videogame.

Last weekend’s multiplayer tech test had been criticised by some fans disappointed with the changes made to the upcoming sequel, including its slower speed and the removal of the recharging Titan meter. But these will be tweaked for the full videogame, the developer says.<br /><br />"Many players are wondering why we changed the mobility from Titanfall 1," multiplayer designer Steven DeRose wrote on the videogame’s website. "We identified two major issues we wanted to solve in Titanfall 2. The first is that a lack of player predictability would often cause players to be…

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