Ps vr box

915,000 PlayStation VR units have sold to consumers as of February 19, 2017, Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced.

It looks possibly Sony will comfortably reach its one million sales target for mid-April, and this despite widespread stock shortages for the hardware.

Andrew House, President and Global CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, said in a statement that Sony is “increasing production to meet demand and will continuously support content developers as they create innovative VR experiences that are only possible on PlayStation”.

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Switch system

Nintendo has made a recent change to its Nintendo Switch developer tools, giving the option to activate a 25 per cent boost in GPU power when the system is in mobile mode, news Digital Foundry.

The boosts takes the mobile GPU clock speed from 307.2MHz to 384MHz, but the speed increase must be enabled developer side, and is not simply an option for the user to activate.

What’s not clear is if Nintendo‘s Breath of the Wild is already making use of the extra power.

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For Honor Screenshots

Ubisoft’s For Honor drops 72 per cent in its second week, but still sold enough units to beat Micro$oft‘s newly released Halo Wars 2 to the UK No.1 spot.

Halo Wars 2 has to settle for the same chart entry position as the original videogame back in 2009, which was beaten to the top spot by Killzone 2 on PS3.

GTA 5 holds at No.3, FIFA 17 sticks at fourth, whilst Sniper Elite 4 drops three places to fifth.

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Shadow of War box arts

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor is getting a sequel in the shape of Middle-earth: Shadow of War, according to a currently pulled product listing on the website of US retailer Target.

Thankfully, NeoGAF bagged all the info before it was removed.

“Experience an epic open-world brought to life by the award-winning Nemesis System. Forge a new Ring of Power, conquer Fortresses in massive battles and dominate Mordor with your personal Orc army in Middle-earth: Shadow of War,” reads the videogame’s blurb.

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Feature: The duels in For Honor might be the most meaningful PvP games you ever play

For Honor Screenshots

The combat in For Honor is awesome. Learning to battle properly requires that you first unlearn everything you thought you knew about fighting in videogames, like the cocky young apprentice picked up by a battle tested old master. But going in immediately on the attack feels stronger, sir! No, young padawan. You must wait (here you are hit on the head to emphasise the point).

In For Honor the heroes have different attack ranges and speeds, but all the speeds are probably slower than you’d expect in a fighting videogame. The effect of this is twofold: firstly it makes your giant medieval sword feel genuinely heavy, to the point that when, for example, the Knight Warden grips their sword by the blade and smashes the cross-guard into their opponent’s neck, you sort of wince a bit. Secondly, it makes attacking without thought a terrible tactic; you will start your heavy attack, be unable to cancel the action, and your opponent will come in on the side with a quick jab, or parry your attack and proceed to kick your ass around the map. There is no way that you can win a duel in For Honor by button mashing.

You must stay back and watch your opponent, sizing them up. Eventually one of you will make the first move (sometimes it’s you, cautiously slashing at the air and backing up again; sometimes the enemy will run in with confidence). As you fight and play as more heroes you learn their idiosyncrasies. The attacks of the giant Samurai Shugoki cannot be easily interrupted with one of your own, so you must learn to dodge to the side or be confident in your parries. Viking Raiders have more range than you’d expect. The Nobushi, with their spears, are the absolute devil (I have still not found a surefire way to beat a Nobushi that kcurrentlys what it’s doing). You find your favorites and dig into how to play as them. Right currently I’m working on the Orochi, a Samurai hero that is fast but has a limited block window. I am not good enough to play as the Orochi.

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News: Check out the new trailer for this creepy survival horror game


P.A.M.E.L.A. is a survival horror videogame, set in a once idyllic futuristic city. It’s an indie videogame that’s been in development for a couple of years currently, and is coming up to Steam Early Access on March 9.

The latest trailer, called Downfall, ticks off all the check boxes we need to be wigged out by a videogame: robots, an isolated torch lighting your way, a weirdly emotionless A.I. voice warning you about the city, and, last but not least, hordes of aggressive people who look suspiciously like they’ve been infected with a terrible virus of some kind. The trailer also has a cool time lapse showing bodies appearing and disappearing, as a missing persons board gradually fills up. Check it out below.

Right currently the videogame doesn’t have a firm release date, but you can find more info (including that it’s being made by a team of just four people) on the official site here.

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News: Nintendo Switch battery life put to the test

Switch system

You can expect to get around three hours of real world battery life from the Nintendo Switch when solidly playing launch title The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, news GameSpot.

Armed with several Switch units, GameSpot tested two scenarios from the starting point of a full charge.

Nintendo‘s guidance is for around three hours when playing Zelda.

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News: Twitch Prime offering free access to The Banner Saga games, also donating money towards dev of third game

Banner Saga 3 Logo

Twitch Prime will donate $1 to Banner Saga 3 developer Stoic Games for every person who downloads and plays The Banner Saga or The Banner Saga 2 which are being offered free to Prime members. A maximum of $200,000 will be donated.

The Banner Saga will be available to download between 23-28 February, with the sequel free to download and play between 2-6 March.

“Working with the Twitch Prime team has been amazing,” said Steve Escalante, General Manager of publisher Versus Evil. “They are clearly fans of the Banner Saga, which has helped us craft a awesome value for fans. Their commitment to the Twitch community and their commitment to support indie development with this offer is extremely generous.”

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News: It seems likely Halo 6 will have split-screen

Halo 5: Guardians Screenshots

All future Halo first-person shooters released by 343 will feature division-screen gaming, studio head Bonnie Ross revealed during a DICE conference talk.

“We’ve also had a lot of learnings along the way,” said Ross (as transcribed by Eurovideogamer). “When we fell down with multiplayer launch of MCC, or when we didn’t put division-screen in with Halo 5, it was incredibly painful for the community and for us. It erodes trust with the community, as the community is a part of our world-building.

“A lot of learnings from that. I would say, for any FPS going out will have always have division-screen in going forward.”

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