The one where Tom tries a sport other than football, Dave is loving an XBox One exclusive, Alice is loving more walking sims, and Sam is new.

Forza Horizon 3 is a brilliant videogame. I’ve seen some people complain that it’s essentially Horizon 2 in a new location, but a) that wouldn’t be bad, and b) it has a lot more going on than Horizon 2. Having gone back to 2 a little, that videogame feels empty in comparison to 3. There’s so much to do in a world that is far more detailed. I love it.<br /><br />Something I don’t love but appreciate a lot, and hope to one day at least find very enjoyable, is NBA 2K17. As someone who went into it kcurrentlying very little about basketball, the learning curve is pretty steep but there is a neat…

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News: Capcom wants to be the world’s no.1 games developer

Company says it "cannot ignore" popular shooting and strategy genres.

Speaking in the report, Capcom’s head of consumer videogames development Yoichi Egawa explained that the company is currently focusing its efforts "on retaining talented employees and making capital expenditures in an attempt to strengthen development capabilities", adding that it can’t afford to overlook popular genres like shooters and strategy videogames.<br /><br />"Going forward, as we aim to become the world’s number one videogame developer, we feel that while it is of course necessary to advance and expand upon existing content, it is also necessary to take on new…

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News: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided’s System Rift DLC delayed for European PS4 players

Square Enix working with Sony to get DLC live as soon as possible.

"System Rift will not be available on the European PlayStation Store on September 23rd," reads a statement from the publisher. "Square Enix, Eidos Montréal and Sony Europe are working to have it live as soon as possible and apologize for the delay."<br /><br />Fans are advised to follow @DeusEx for further updates.<br /><br />System Rift sees Adam Jensen reunited with friend and former colleague at Sarif Industries Frank Pritchard. The pair will hunt down information on the mysterious Santeau Group.<br /><br />"Desperate to get…

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News: Forza Horizon 3’s 999,999,999 wheelspin glitch threatens in-game economy

LATEST NEWS!: Credits glitch currently fixed, developer says.

"Earlier today, with the rollout of Forza Horizon 3, we discovered an issue where players inadvertently received massive amounts of credits (999,999,999 credits) on certain rolls of the Level Up Tombola," Eckberg said on the Forza Motorsport forums. "We identified this as a server-side issue and have since corrected it. While we believe this has only affected a small percentage of users, we have put some corrective measures into place.<br /><br />"For players who were affected by this issue, cars over 1 million credits and purchased within the window that…

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News: Roguelike space shooter Everspace launches on Xbox One Game Preview

Coming to Windows 10 supporting Play Anywhere later this month.

Everspace will also be the first ID@XBox title to support Play Anywhere.<br /><br />"When demoing Everspace at the XBox booth at E3, Gamescom, NerdHQ, Insomnia and the Micro$oft Pre-Pax event, it got awesome feedback from anyone and it clearly didn’t disappoint at its release on PC last week," said Chris Charla, Director ID@XBox at Micro$oft. "We are super excited to bring it to XBox One and Windows 10 through Game Preview, even more being the first ID@XBox title to support Play Anywhere."<br /><br />The Full Release is scheduled for end of Q1 2017…

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Feature: FIFA 17 Guide – Full Goal Celebrations List

Every FIFA 17 celebration listed for PlayStation 4, XBox One, XBox 360, PS3, and PC and the command inputs for each.

FIFA 17 Celebrations list – Running Moves<br /><br />Ad Board Celebration – Run to the ad board<br /><br />One Arm Raised – Hold Circle/B<br /><br />Thumb Suck – Hold Square/X<br /><br />Ear Twist – Hold Triangle/Y<br /><br />Finger Points – Tap Circle then hold Circle/Tap B then hold B<br /><br />Arms Out – Tap Square then hold Square/Tap X then hold X<br /><br />Wrist Flick – Tap Triangle then hold Triangle/Tap Y then hold Y<br /><br />Aeroplane – Hold R3/RS<br /><br />Point to Sky…

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News: Nintendo NX production estimated at 9.5-10m units per year – Report

Camera specialist involved with production, too, report suggests.

A trial production run of the new console has already taken place, industry sources tell the website, with Foxconn said to be the lead manufacturer. Misumi Electronics, which appears to specialise in camera modules, is said to be involved in the console’s production, too.<br /><br />The Nintendo NX has widely been reported to be a hybrid handheld/home console device, with a release scheduled for March 2017. Earlier this week, Pokemon Company CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara revealed that the NX is "trying the change the concept of what it means to be a home console device or a…

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News: DayZ for Xbox One & PS4 is not dead

But 99% of Bohemia’s resources are on the PC version, says creative director.

"No it’s not dead at all," said Hicks of the console version. "It’s not dead at all.<br /><br />"The PC is our flagship platform for DayZ. That is where 99 per cent of our development resources are focused. And while there was a lot of push from Sony and Micro$oft to get up on their stages and say ‘yes, we’re coming’, our focus has been exclusively (I want to say exclusively because there’s about a one per cent development resource trying to keep those platforms at a point at which, once we get to our beta and our bug fixing, we can start pushing forward on…

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News: Titanfall 2 players get access to new multiplayer mode by dining at US restaurant chain


Yep. Not just a skin (although you do get a new Titan Insignia for dining at the restaurant, too) but an entirely new multiplayer mode. <br /><br />There aren’t any informations on what the mode is, although it’s said to offer players "the chance to earn huge rewards – more than anywhere else in the videogame". There have been some suggestions online that it could be a new 1v1 mode teased at the end of a new trailer released yesterday.<br /><br /><br /><br />Codes offering access to the mode will be supplied to anybody who dines in or picks up a takeaway…

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News: Street Fighter 5 finally gets Versus CPU mode

Daily Targets and Urien DLC character also added.

"Now, players can sharpen their skills before challenging others online by slugging it out offline against the computer, with varying difficulty options," notes Capcom.<br /><br />The videogame update also adds the following features:<br /><br />Urien
First introduced in Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact, Urien returns to Street Fighter V donning a pinstriped suit and a sinister smile. His unwavering confidence and tyrannical tendencies are tailor-made for menacing players who want their opponents to be outshined by Urien’s “Dominating Light.” In addition to…

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