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News: Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare trademarked by Activision

This year’s Call of Duty currently all but official.

Two trademarks for the unannounced videogame were filed with the US trademark office on Tuesday, April 26; one for ‘Call of Duty Infinite Warfare’, and another for ‘Infinite Warfare’.<br /><br />Activision has yet to formally announce Infinite Warfare, but rumours suggest it could be set in space within the same universe as the Modern Warfare series. Earlier today, two Twitter accounts believed to be linked to the videogame were discovered, with one appearing to have been teasing the videogame since August last year.<br /><br />The Infinite Warfare name first appeared earlier this…

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News: Has this Twitter account been teasing Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare since August?

And is Infinite Warfare set in the same universe as Modern Warfare?

Last night, images of t-shirts featuring the slogan ‘IW7’ and the text ‘Do your part enlist’ were posted online by various athletes teasing "COD2016", along with an update to Black Ops 3 hinting at this year’s videogame.<br /><br />But this is where it gets even more interesting. I’ve found two Twitter accounts that also appear to be linked to the videogame, including one that began tweeting almost one year ago. <br /><br />CAUTION: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 spoilers from here on.<br /><br />@OpFor_EN posted its…

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News: Dark Souls 3: A Dubbed Beginner’s Guide Episode 2

Uncle Bastard returns to upset his hapless nephew.

If you missed the first episode, catch up here.<br /><br /><br /><br />For more Dark Souls 3 shenanigans, check out Jim’s five reasons why he doesn’t want to play it. It’s good, you’ll like it. One of the reasons is just "Aberdeen". No clue. Anyway, click here.<br /><br />If you like daft mouth-paste overdubs, check out the fifteen-minute extravaganza that is Fallout 4 Boston: Geordie Apocalypse.<br /><br />And Geordie Theft Auto.

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News: Battlefield 5 to be revealed next Friday, May 6

LATEST NEWS!: EA confirms.

"Join us on May 6 at 4pm ET / 9pm BST for a first look at the future of Battlefield," the site says.<br /><br />In a follow-up message to, EA also revealed that the stream will offer an "insight into the minds of the developers as you hear from the Creative Director Lars Gustavsson and Lead Producer Aleksander Grondal on the past, present and the future of Battlefield. You will be able to join in the conversation as we open the floor to questions from viewers."<br /><br />Fans who sign up to become a Battlefield Insider will also…

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News: Lionhead closes today as Microsoft thanks studio for its ‘significant contributions’

Fable developer shutting up shop today.

Micro$oft announced a "proposed closure" of the studio last month but, "after much consideration", has reached the decision to shut it for good. The beta for the studio’s latest videogame, Fable Legends, was taken offline on April 13.<br /><br />"We can confirm that after much consideration over the six week consultation period with Lionhead employees, we have reached the decision to close Lionhead Studios," a Micro$oft spokesperson told Eurovideogamer. "We have nothing but heart-felt thanks for the team at Lionhead for their significant contributions to…

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News: Black Ops 3’s Awakening DLC is coming to Xbox 360 after all

First DLC pack arrives on 360 next week.

Awakening will be available on Micro$oft‘s last-gen platform next Thursday, May 5, days after this year’s Call of Duty is expected to be revealed. Awakening debuted on PlayStation 4 back in February before heading to XBox One and PC in March. It arrived on PS3 earlier this month on Tuesday, April 5. <br /><br />The DLC includes four new maps – Gauntlet, Splash, Rise and Skyjacked – plus a new Zombies chapter. <br /><br />By currently, of course, PlayStation 4 players are already playing Black Ops 3’s second DLC pack, Eclipse, with a release expected on XBox One and PC in mid-May. Neither…

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News: Deux Ex: Mankind Divided Collector’s Edition comes in a triangular box

Includes an Adam Jensen figure and a 48-page artbook.

Boxed Editions<br /><br />Day One Edition – £54.99 / €69.99 on console, £39.99 / €49.99 on PC<br /><br />Extra in-videogame missionCovert agent packs: this pack contains a compilation of in-videogame items, including various weapons, re-skins, and upgrades. Using the wide variety of items included in this pack, you will be able to both sport a custom look, and obtain additional tools to support your play style of choiceDigital OST SamplerDigital Books (Mini Artbook + Novella + Comic book)<br /><br />Collector’s Edition – £109.99 / €129.99 on console,…

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News: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided 101 Trailer showcases new footage and locations

New insight into the videogame’s story also revealed.

Look out for brand new footage of Jensen’s apartment and new locations in Europe, including Prague. Fans will also learn more about Jensen’s improved augmentations, enhancing his infiltration, combat and hacking capabilities.<br /><br />Those hoping to go into the videogame unspoiled should be aware that the trailer does feature some "additional insights into the storyline" as well as the reveal of some new and old acquaintances.<br /><br /><br /><br />Deus Ex: Mankind Divided launches on August 23 for PlayStation 4, XBox One and PC. Pre-order the videogame…

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