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Feature: Plays, 30th July, 2016 – Abzu, Yooka-Laylee, Mad Max

The one where Tom compares an award winning videogame to a boring BBC drama, and Dave makes some terrible puns.

Playtonic’s Yooka-Laylee, the indie-studio’s spiritual successor to Banjo-Kazooie, might not be releasing until next year but Kickstarter backers of a certain tier and above currently have their hands on the Toy Box. This is a demo of sorts, although the environment is constructed of simple blocks and there are no NPCs apart from a guide bot.<br /><br />So, it doesn’t give much away in terms of how the final videogame will look (there aren’t even any graphics settings to tweak), but as a testbed for the controls, things are shaping up well. Main character Yooka can jump, double jump,…

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News: Space station simulator Stable Orbit announced for PC

Build and run your own space station this October.

Stable Orbit, which is currently in development at indie studio Codalyn, is described as a "realistic and challenging simulation videogame" that lets players construct a brand new space station five years after the deorbiting of the International Space Station. <br /><br />The videogame will be published by Green Man Gaming Publishing, the publishing arm of the online retailer.<br /><br />"I’m making┬áStable Orbit┬ábecause I’m a huge fan of realistic science fiction, and I’ve always wanted to do something within that space," said Codalyn developer Jim…

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News: Slender dev’s new game ‘Valley’ launches in August

Control life and death in mysterious new adventure.

Valley sees players strapping themselves into an exosuit to run and jump their way through a mystical forest set within the Rocky Mountains, while having the power to control life and death over the plants and animals around them. Never heard of it? Here’s a videogameplay trailer to show you what it’s all about:<br /><br /><br /><br />"The Valley is a magical hidden wonder in the middle of the Rocky Mountains," says Blue Isle. "Filled with a variety of wonderous creatures and beautiful vistas, The Valley also holds the ancient Lifeseed relic, which…

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News: DriveClub VR officially announced, is a PlayStation VR launch title in Japan

Details on a western release yet to be confirmed.

While we don’t yet kcurrently how it will differ to the standard videogame, Sony’s Japanese blog post suggests it’ll offer a realistic first-person cockpit view and 3D audio, and will be available both onlinely and at retail. You can check out the first screenshots here.<br /><br /> has contacted Sony Europe for informations on the videogame’s European release and for more information on who is working on it following the closure of Evolution earlier this year.<br /><br />PlayStation VR launches on October 13.<br /><br />LATEST NEWS!: DriveClub’s former videogame…

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News: ‘Early copy’ of No Man’s Sky sells for $2,000 on eBay

Are copies out in the wild?

Other copies do, however, appear to have surfaced out in the wild, with another alleged image of the videogame’s disc being shared to Reddit.<br /><br />ORIGINAL STORY: An alleged PlayStation 4 copy of No Man’s Sky has been sold for $2,000 on eBay, two weeks ahead of its official release.<br /><br />The copy, sold by eBay user walke-jim, appears to be real, with the listing accompanied by images of the videogame’s box, disc and its icon on the PlayStation 4 home screen.<br /><br />However, while it seems to be legit, there is always the risk that it could be fake. One thing that…

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News: Capcom teases Project Palm – but is it Dragon’s Dogma 2?

Teaser website points to a reveal next Tuesday.

The website, which is largely written in Japanese, features an image of the palm of someone’s hand, with what appears to have a marking etched onto it. It also features informations on one of the videogame’s voice actors and an August 2, 2016 date, suggesting more informations on the project could be revealed next Tuesday.<br /><br />But what does it all mean? Well, users on NeoGAF seem to think that it could be related to a new Dragon’s Dogma title, another title from Capcom that featured characters with glowing scars on the palm of their hand. <br /><br />The original Dragon’s…

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News: Sony sold 3.5m PS4 consoles in the last quarter

Up from 3 million the year before.

The figure puts the total number of units sold at more than 40 million, although it’s difficult to determine the exact number. Back in May, Sony announced that the console had sold through more than 40 million units as of May 22, although it’s impossible to work out how many were sold during the quarter after that date.<br /><br />The platform holder has also said previously that it expects to sell 20 million PlayStation 4 consoles between April 2016 and March 2017, meaning it has 16.5m left to sell in order to hit its target. If PlayStation Neo is due out before then, which rumours…

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