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News: How does the Modern Warfare Remastered campaign trailer compare to the original?

Gets our nostalgia glands pumping.

As you’d expect everything is looking much cleaner than it did before, with awesomely improved character models, textures and effects.<br /><br />We’ve dug up the original Modern Warfare trailer and stuck it next to the new one, so you can judge for yourself how things have changed. Many of the shots in the trailer are new, but there are some sequences which were also used in the original.<br /><br /> YouTube Doubler <br /><br />Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered is available exclusively to those who purchase the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare…

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News: Nidhogg 2’s new art style has divided fans

Some love the new look, while others simply aren’t willing to accept naked Homer Simpson as the main character.

<br /><br />The videogame promises 10 arenas for local and online multiplayer and tournament mode, plus a new single-layer mode in which you’ll go up against a series of AI opponents and the occasional special challenge round.<br /><br />The soundtrack features music from Mux Mool, Dose One, Daedelus and more.<br /><br />The 8-bit art style is by Toby Dixon, and this appears to be divisionting fan opinion, with the character designs proving most problematic. Gone is the ultra basic stickman style of the original, replaced with a far chunkier design which some…

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News: The Japan-only Famicon Mini looks amazing

Comes with 30 built-in videogames and two hardwired game controllers.

Announced overnight, the Famicon Mini is exactly what you’d expect, shrinking down the classic "family computer" to something which measures only 14cm x 10cm and bundling in 30 classic titles.<br /><br />Something which differentiates the Famicon Mini from the NES Mini – apart from its looks – is the fact it features two hardwired game controllers as standard. The NES Mini ships with one detachable game controller, with a second able to be connected.<br /><br />As with the NES Mini there will be an HDMI output offering up to 720p, and the device can be powered…

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News: Xbox One sales obliterated PS4 last week in the UK

Took a 71 per cent share of the hardware market.

So awesome was the sales increase that XBox One actually recorded a 71 per cent share of the console market last week, ending September 24.<br /><br />The 500GB XBox One S with a copy of FIFA 17 is priced £249, though was available for £225 and even cheaper for a short time using a discount code at Tesco.<br /><br />MCV adds that sales of the new slim PlayStation 4 have been slow off the mark, with XBox One sales 361 per cent awesomeer than PlayStation 4 during last week.<br /><br />XBox UK marketing director Harvey Eagle commented: "It’s awesome to see how popular both…

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News: Resident Evil HD Remaster free on PlayStation Plus

Also Transformers Devastation, Mad Riders, From Dust, Code: Realize and Actual Sunlight.

Headlining the new free videogames list are Capcom’s Resident Evil HD Remaster and Activision’s Transformers: Devastation, each well worth the your time.<br /><br />On Resident Evil we said: "There will be players that despise Resident Evil, of course, decrying its controls and save states. Granted, some of its puzzles can be more than a little obtuse. And its aforementioned graphical issues grate, if only in parts. For me, however, Resident Evil remains a videogame as odd, unsettling, and unforgettable as its setting. The HD remaster only emphasises this." <br /><br…

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News: Bungie aiming to make Destiny 2 feel like an entirely new game on PS4, Xbox One and PC

Could mean leaving old characters and settings behind.

Talk of PC version popped up on NeoGAF via user benny_a who revealed that a friend at Activision heard the news during in internal presentation. benny_a also noted that Activision’s Vicarious Visions had been tapped up to help out on Destiny 2, something Kotaku says it heard from two separate sources earlier in the year.<br /><br />Kotaku notes that over the last few months it heard that Bungie’s top brass want Destiny 2 to have a real sequel feel, not just a bit more of what players already have. With this goal in mind the studio is prepared to abandon existing planets,…

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News: Battlefield 1’s anthology format single player campaign looks amazing in first trailer

Play through many different, focused, stories.

<br /><br />These War Stories focus on different protagonists with unique backgrounds and skills.<br /><br />"While our characters are at war, the stories in Battlefield 1 are personal. They’re about people rather than history or battles," explains DICE.<br /><br />"The Great War is diverse. We knew we wanted to embrace that variety. There were so many different perspectives and characters in World War 1 and we wanted to cover as much ground as possible."<br /><br />One of these War Stories is ‘Through Mud and Blood’, which…

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News: Iconic Transformers tune The Touch is part of the Shadow Warrior 2 vinyl

Warrior EP is a limited edition four-track vinyl.

Warrior EP is a limited edition four-track vinyl record with music from and inspired by Shadow Warrior 2.<br /><br />The EP contains Warrior, an original track for Shadow Warrior 2 by Stan Bush, alongside classic rock anthems The Touch, Never Surrender, and The Touch (Lo Wang Hijack), a remastered duet between Stan Bush and Shadow Warrior protagonist Lo Wang.<br /><br />The Warrior EP is printed on luscious 180-gram vinyl with a special screen-printed reverse and presented inside a premium card sleeve designed by noted Polish comic artist Michal Sledzinski.<br…

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News: NX must reverse Nintendo’s downward hardware sales trend

Even the 3DS family of systems hasn’t sold particularly well in the US.

Looking back over the last few generations it’s clear the Wii U and 3DS have under performed in the Americas.<br /><br />Home Console sales in the Americas<br /><br />34.00m -NES
23.35m -SNES
20.63m -N64
12.93m -GCN
48.64m -Wii
6.29m -NWU <br /><br />Portable system sales in the Americas<br /><br />44.06m -GB/C
41.64m -GBA/SP
59.93m -NDS Family
20.11m -3DS Family <br /><br />Whilst the Wii U’s failure has been well documented, you’d be forgiven for thinking the 3DS and associated systems had been a bigger success. 3DS has sold just…

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