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Video: 2016 Reviewsical (Billy Joel Style)

While it's been a tumultuous year for many, 2016 has been a pretty good one for video videogames. Here's our 2016 Year in Review…sical to the tune of Billy Joel's We Didn't Start The Fire. It's We Had a Hell of a Year.

Audio: VideoGamer Extra – Episode 10

In their final VideoGamer podcast (Extra, or otherwise), Tom and Dave go through some of their favorite memories of their time at VideoGamer.

Video: 6 Hopes and Dreams for 2017

The new year is nearly upon us, so here are some of our fondest gaming hopes for 2017, delivered via the giant medium of Simon Miller.

Audio: VideoGamer Podcast – Episode 193 (Part II)

It’s the end of the year which means it’s Game of the Year season, so listen in for our favorites. As well as that, join us in celebrating the wonderful Tom Orry and David Scammell in this, their last VideoGamer Podcast.

Feature: Colm’s Game of the Year – 2016: Pony Island

Pony Island Screenshots

Sometimes it can feel like everything’s already been done in entertainment. Every modern movie is an adaptation of a book that’s been written a thousand times by authors that have been influenced by the stories their heroes have penned years before. Video videogames are no different. For every Call of Duty, there’s a Battlefield; for every GTA, there’s a Forza; for every Super Mario, there’s a Sonic the Hedgehog. But every currently and again a videogame comes along that completely throws you off and makes you appreciate how brilliant this medium can be. And, sadly, chances are you didn’t play it. 

At the start of this year a little videogame that sounds like it has a Hasbro tie-in was released on Steam and captured my heart while fucking with my head. Pony Island is one of those videogames that you’re better off kcurrentlying as little as possible about before jumping in – its main aim is to demolish every single one of your preconceived notions on what a video videogame can and should do, and it does so wrapped up in a simplistic endless runner. 

Leaping over hurdles and shooting laser beams from your face is only a portion of what Pony Island has to offer. These stages are a serviceable slice of interactivity but not the main ingredient that sees you through ’till the end because Pony Island is effectively two videogames: the aforementioned okay endless runner and the meta videogame that occurs via manipulating the OS of the in-videogame arcade cabinet. It’s beautifully peculiar.

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Audio: VideoGamer Extended Podcast 193 (Part II)

It’s the end of the year which means it’s Game of the Year season! Also, join us in celebrating the wonderful Tom Orry and David Scammell in this, their last VideoGamer Podcast.

Feature: Sam’s Game of the Year – 2016: Attack on Titan

AOT Giant Titan

Is it just me or has the the term ‘Game of the Year’ lost a little bit of lustre lately? Simply snag a 75-or-above on Metacritic and there’s every chance you’ll earn said accolade, or at the very least a nomination. Hell, when it comes to naming one of those endless anthology collections, awards and noms could as well mean the same damn thing. No Man’s Sky: Super Hardened Game of the Year Director’s Cut Hype-Fulfilment Remix Edition, here we come.

In the spirit of further devaluing this once-hallowed honour I’m going to pick my videogame of the year on a completely subjective basis. Simply put —  which videogame, regardless of its shortcomings, gave me the awesomeest amount of enjoyment? Where was the fun in 2016? The answer to that question might surprise you, as this year I’ve opted for none other than Koei Tecmo’s Attack on Titan, or AOT: Wings of Freedom, as it’s kcurrentlyn here in the west.

Now I should probably start by saying that I’m no awesome fan of the anime, nor of the genre in general. It’s all a bit rigid and cliche for my liking, though I will admit to enjoying Cowboy Bebop, Ghost in the Shell and the early portions of Death Note. The fact is that I didn’t pick AOT on the strength of its story, nor on its whinging, if occasionally likeable cast of characters. After all, how could I? I picked up the Japanese version while off on holiday, months before any English-language equivalent hit store shelves. It should therefore go without saying that I didn’t have a damn clue what was happening, and it didn’t matter a jot.

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Audio: VideoGamer Extra – Episode 9

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, which is why the crew share some of their favorite gaming memories from this time of the year.