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News: Lapsed PS Plus subscribers can get an extra month for only 87p

PS Plus Logo

PlayStation videogamers with a lapsed PlayStation Plus membership can currently take advantage of a new promotional offer, granting one month’s access for only 87p.

At the end of the first month the subscription will auto renew at a recurring monthly fee of £5.99. However, those wanting just the one month can simply cancel the subscription before the end of the first month.

Those taking out the subscription currently will enjoy the likes of LittleBigPlanet 3 and Not a Hero on PlayStation 4, plus whatever titles are part of the March line-up. All PS Plus videogames are only playable with an active subscription, though lapsed and reactivated memberships will see their videogame catalogue restored.

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News: When is the Switch not a home video game console? When a game doesn’t support TV mode, that’s when

Voez Screenshots

Voez, an anime rhythm action videogame, is the first Nintendo Switch title to only work undocked and held like a traditional tablet.

The videogame features no button controls, instead making use of the touchscreen.

Publisher Flyhigh Works notes: “This software can not play in TV mode.”

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