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Feature: GTA V RP is the hottest thing on Twitch right now


RPing – or roleplaying as it’s kcurrentlyn to us plebs – is nothing new on Twitch. It’s nothing new in the world of video videogames in fact, and as long as you have an open-world, mod support (that’s optional, but it helps), a hell of a lot of freedom and an online component, there’s a good chance that there’s people out there turning stale video videogame worlds into brand new immersive experiences. The world of RP has been taken to a whole new level in 2017, though, with the emergence of a GTA V RP mod, FiveRP, that’s taking the world by storm, making the videogame relevant again on Twitch, and pulling in thousands upon thousands of viewers each and every day.

The concept of RP is simple: take an online world, make yourself a character, give yourself a background, and then jump into the world and let the stories commence. In FiveRP there’s plenty of stuff for people to do, if that’s driving cabs for money – picking up other RPers who need a ride – driving cargo around Los Santos, doing illegal drug runs and more. Players can earn money to buy cars, properties or whatever through any means they deem necessary. They’re limited only by their imaginations. 

It’s the characters in these worlds – GTA 5 RPs especially – that make them so fascinating, and the stories that unfold in front of your eyes are all engrossing, to say the least. I’ve become addicted to these stories on Twitch recently, and seemingly, looking at the number of people watching it on Twitch every night, so has a significant portion of the internet.

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Preview: Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite preview: Capcom is really going after those new Marvel fans

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Screenshots

Marvel, yeah? It’s huge. It’s a massive thing. Not even the comics, mainstream audiences are just in love with the movie heroes. With the Chrises, both Evans, Hemsworth, and that Pratt one who seems alright but says weird things about hunting animals. The last time a Marvel vs. Capcom videogame came out it was 2012, which was the same year the first Avengers movie released. There is, potentially, a hugely increased market for a video videogame that has Captain America anywhere on the box. But these people will not necessarily be au fait with fighting videogames, and that’s an angle Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite is aware of.

In that sense I was very well placed to road test the videogame: I like the films and read a bunch of the comics, so I was pleased seeing some of the little touches. Hawkeye is not an also-ran hero in MvCI, he’s actually a bit of a motherfucker with ranged attacks, and reminded me of the Hawkeye from the acclaimed run of his comics written by Matt Fraction. He calls Captain Marvel by her first name, Carol. Captain America will, hilariously, sometimes scream ‘FOR PEEEEEEEACE!’ when hitting someone really hard with his shield. I liked all that.

To lower the barrier for entry, in the hope that Marvel fans will  step over it and enjoy the videogame, Capcom has introduced some simpler control concepts. Things like hammering punch sending the character into a ground-to-air combo, a universal manual input that’s the same across all characters, and an easy ultimate attack, are all designed to show fighting novices what kind of stuff they’ll be able to pull off, and make them feel kind of cool. It does, broadly speaking, work. I felt like I was still achieving something, and started to get a feel for different combinations. I could figure out what inputs resulted in which attacks, without feeling embarrassed for trying, and these kinds of configurations will potentially make the videogame more accessible to all kinds of players, not just Marvel fans.

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News: Overwatch World Cup rankings show China is currently the best at Overwatch

Overwatch summer games

The second phase of the Overwatch World Cup is underway, with 32 countries making it through based on the average skill ranking of each country’s top 100 players. China ranks at first place, with a skill rating of 4550. The UK comes in sixth, just squeaking in a mere two points ahead of Canada.

For phase two you can vote for the Competition Committee for your region, a group of player representatives who’ll pick the teams from their countries that they feel should go on to compete. You have three votes to give out, and have until May 5 to do so, with the Committee members being announced three days later.

The Group Stage will be taking place over the summer, with the final phase, the playoffs, in November.

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News: PlayStation 4 outpacing PlayStation 2 as Sony announces 60 million units shipped

Playstation 4

Sony has reached their target of shipping 60 million PlayStation 4s. In the last fiscal year, ending March 31, 20 million PlayStation 4 consoles were shipped, their recently released earnings report detailed.

In the twelve months previous, the number was 17.7 million units shipped, making this the best year yet for Sony and PlayStation 4. The videogames division is also Sony’s best performing area, with a 52.9 percent gain increase, and sales up 6.3 percent.

Projections for the next year are a tad more reserved as the company is predicting to ship 18 million consoles. Although, by that time, the hardware will have been out for close to five years, which is a decent chunk in a console’s lifespan. Currently, PlayStation 4 is doing slightly better than the PlayStation 2 was at the same point — a console that went onto shift over 150 million units. Whether they’ll be able to match those numbers will remain to be seen as PS2 was on the market for over ten years.

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Video: Outlast 2 – VG Live

Colm and Alice begin the public beta of our Friday live shows with Outlast 2 because Colm hasn't played it, and people like scary videogames, don't they?

Video: Little Nightmares – VG Versus

She took the lead last week, but can Alice pick up a win in Little Nightmares and storm into a commanding position at the top of the table?

Feature: What the new Assassin’s Creed game has to do

Assassin's creed

The next Assassin’s Creed is going to be announced at E3 this year. It has to be. Ubi announced the franchise was on a rest year and there wouldn’t be a new AC videogame in 2016. Which is fair enough: one a year, every year is enough to give anyone franchise fatigue, and an extra year on the dev cycle should help iron out hilariously gif-able glitches. But 2016 is over. It is currently 2017. Like Ross and Rachel, Ubi and AC might have been on a break, but must eventually reconcile. The field, allowed to lie fallow, must be tilled. 

I am an inveterate fan of Assassin’s Creed videogames, though in recent years have likened this to being in a souring relationship where you need the other person to end it. You kcurrently it’s not the same, but you still care and you’re not strong enough to leave. So the year long break has been very good for me. But if AC wants me to take it back, I have a list of demands.

Keep the towers

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News: The Battlefield 1 Spring Update has added Platoons, so you can make yourself a general

Battlefield 1 Screenshots

Following the announcement of some of the Spring Update changes on a livestream, EA has currently released the full patch notes. The central selling point is that platoons have finally been added. Platoons have actual ranks, from Private, to Lieutenant, Colonel, and General, the highest rank. Anyone can make a Platoon, but you can only be a General in one at a time. Luckily, if you make a Platoon, you are automatically the General of it. Look at me currently, dad!

Other little features of Platoons include how, if members of the same Platoon are in a squad together, the squad will be renamed to reflect that. If said squad participates the most in capturing a flag, the flag will have a pennant with your Platoon emblem on the pole.

The team are also adding in more server admin options, including setting severs to low numbers to reduce videogame time, and adding password protected private servers.

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News: Watch Thor and Hulk fighting in the new Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite gameplay trailer

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Screenshots

Capcom has put out a videogameplay trailer for Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite. Following the story trailer that came out yesterday, you can see some more of your favorite franchise heroes fighting it out. Thor and Hulk, whom many people were introduced to as they smacked the hell out of one another in the Marvel cinematic universe, are seen to continue doing the same in the trailer.

You can also see Capcom favorites Chun-Li and Chris Redfield, the latter fighting alongside Clint ‘Hawkeye’ Barton, taking up arms against Ultron, with Strider Hiryu also making an appearance. You can also see the Space Infinity Stone being used to box Hawkeye in, unable to evade attacks. 

The last time an MvC videogame came out was Origins in 2012, and that was a compilation. It was also the same year that the first Avengers movie came out. Since then there’s been a huge resurgence of interest in the Marvel heroes. It makes sense that Capcom is using the ones people are most familiar with, in situations they’ve kind of already seen on screen, to temp in a new audience. 

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