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News: Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition is coming to consoles with its Final Act

Imagem Kentucky Route Zero

Cardboard Computers has announced that Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition is coming to the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Steam in 2018. The release of the TV Edition on consoles will also debut the fifth and final act of the episodic adventure videogame. 

The videogame’s first act originally came out on consoles back in 2013. This announcement confirms that consoles will finally receive the remaining five acts and all of the videogame’s interludes. 

Kentucky Route Zero is a videogame about a secret highway that’s set in the caves beneath Kentucky. Split into five acts, the videogame follows the story of the truck driver Conway who is making his final delivery to the fictional Route Zero, and the people he comes into contact with on his travels.

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News: Super Meat Boy Forever and No More Heroes 2 among 20 indie titles coming to Switch

Super Meat Boy Forever Image

Nintendo has announced a load of new indie titles at its Nindies summer showcase today. Following the teaser trailer earlier this week, the company has announced 20 new indie titles coming to the console between September and taking us into 2018. Highlights included sequels to No More Heroes and Super Meat Boy.

Super Meat Boy Forever is a sequel to the smash-hit platformer. Forever is actually based on the framework of the iOS version, which had been stuck in development limbo. The sequel promises to be even harder than the original, with endlessly playable levels that get harder every time you play it.

The full list of titles announced during the summer showcase are:

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News: No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again coming exclusively to Switch in 2018

No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again

Suda 51’s studio, Grasshopper Manufacture, has revealed that it’ll release a new videogame in its cult hack-and-slash action adventure videogame series, No More Heroes. No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again is coming exclusively to Nintendo Switch in 2018 as players take on the role of Travis, the videogame’s protagonist, as he tries to escape from a video videogame vortex. 

No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again was announced as part of the Switch’s Nindies Showcase, and heralds the return of the witty and stylish protagonist Travis. The pop-culture reference laden trailer begins with a masked villain, called the Bat, who confronts a Hotline Miami-playing Travis in his trailer. 

No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again takes place seven years after the events of videogame, and sees the protagonist sucked into a ‘phantom videogame console’. The only way Travis can escape this console is if he beats all six of its videogames and defeats all the bosses. The six videogames are all be based on real videogames,as a result of a new partnership with Grasshopper Manufacture and other indie developers.

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News: Limited edition Street Fighter 2 cartridge may make your SNES catch fire

street fighter 2 anniversary

Yesterday iam8bit and Capcom revealed a limited edition SNES cartridge version of Street Fighter II, being sold for the videogame’s 20th anniversary. Also it might make your SNES overheat and catch on fire.

The product page for the cartridge has a warning that says that, ‘Use of this reproduction videogame cartridge (the “Product”) on the SNES gaming hardware could cause the SNES console to overheat or catch fire. The SNES hardware is deemed a vintage collectible, so please exercise extreme caution when using the Product and make sure there is fire extinguishment equipment nearby,’ and that, ‘Use of the Product is at the sole risk of the user.’

People were understandably concerned and/or tremendously amused by this. iam8bit explained that the warranty is more to cover them in the case of you not having looked after your SNES, you bloody hooligans:

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Review: The Darkside Detective review

the darkside detective

Making pop-cultural references in your work is a dangerous videogame, because people will either love it, or they’ll hate it — either because they don’t like the references, or they don’t like the act of constantly making references itself. The Darkside Detective references a lot of things, including The Simpsons, other video videogames, and fantasy and sci-fi tropes, but it’s all stuff that I like very much, so I didn’t mind. It also, if not exactly breaks, deliberately walks into the fourth wall quite often, though it gets almost all of this out of its system during the first case.

This kind of thing is often used as a distraction from everything else being quite bad; wave Terry Pratchett around in one hand and the audience won’t notice the magician is fucking up his entire trick in the other. Luckily, The Darkside Detective is still a fun and engaging point and click puzzle videogame behind it all, with some satisfyingly logical solutions to eldritch mysteries — though, as is traditional with point and click puzzle videogames, there are several puzzles that make frustratingly little sense, and that you figure out through randomly combining things rather than being smart. 

Also currently traditional to point and click puzzle adventures is pixelart, and The Darkside Detective’s characters are surprisingly expressive for people with blank faces. Detective McQueen stands with slumped shoulders and hanging arms, a tired man whose work nobody takes importantly; his sidekick Officer Dooley stands upright, arms back and chest forward, because he is permanently energetic and optimistic. Together they solve a series of supernatural cases: a missing child, a haunted library, gremlins at the police station.

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News: There are oodles of noodles in this limited edition Destiny 2 dish

Destiny 2 Teaser

The chefs at Kanada-Ya restaurant in Piccadilly have created a limited-edition ramen dish to honour the upcoming launch of the quite highly anticipated videogame, Destiny 2. To celebrate the release of the videogame, Kanada-Ya will be serving the exclusive Destiny 2 Ramen from September 4-17 for £17. It had better be good ramen.

The creation of this dish will definitely set the taste buds tingling for fan-favorite, Cayde-6. The quip spouting vanguard has a particular fondness for ramen and he’s often heard mentioning his dish of choice from the ‘Spicy Ramen’ store. In homage to the likeable rogue, Kanada-Ya has created a time-limited Destiny 2 ramen dish which combines Niboshi Dashio, hand pulled noodles, chashu pork belly, chilli prawn, red oil, bamboo shoots and shredded leek for fans of Cayde-6 and loyal patrons of Kanada-Ya to indulge in.

It’ll be hard to miss this dish if you’re in the Piccadilly/Soho part of town as there will be a custom-made ‘Spicy Ramen’ neon sign literally shining a light on Cayde-6’s favorite dish. Now there’s no excuse to skip a meal in the building hype to the videogame. Not that I care, my attention was piqued at the mere mention of food.

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News: UK retailer CEX suffers hack which could affect up to 2 million accounts

CEX Logo

CEX, the UK second-hand videogames retailer, has sent out an email to its customers warning them that it has suffered an online security breach, through which more than 2 million customer informations could have been compromised.

In the online security breach, hackers could have been able to obtain personal information and ‘encrypted data from expired credit or debit cards’. In an email to those it believed could have been affected, CEX managing director, David Mullins, has attempted to calm worried customers, saying that, ‘We want to reiterate that any payment card information that has been taken was encrypted and has long since expired. We ceased storing customer card informations in 2009.’ It’s unclear at the moment if this hack has affected in-store personal membership informations.

Mullins continued, stating that, ‘Our cyber security specialists have already put in place additional advanced measures to fix the problem and prevent this from happening again,’ which is expected. Customers who have received the email have been recommended to change their passwords on the CEX website and anywhere else the same password could have been used.

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