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News: Firmware 4.0.0 comes to Switch bringing video capture, save data transfer, and more

Nintendo Switch Neon

Nintendo has released a massive firmware update for the Switch, which takes the system to version 4.0. The first feature update since May brings a number of additions, and one of the most surprising is the ability to record videogameplay clips. User accounts and save data can currently be transferred to another Switch, and players are able to update videogames locally from another console. Neat, eh?

The most notable feature for many is the addition of video capture. Players can hold the Capture button and record up to 30 second clips of videogameplay. This won’t work with every videogame, and only applies to four Nintendo titles at the moment: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Arms, and Splatoon 2. The videogames have to be updated to the most recent versions for this to work. Perhaps third-party developers will be able to add this feature with a videogame update in the future.

If you’re one of those unfortunate folks who’s had a problem with their Switch, or you’ve bought a limited edition console, you’ll currently be able to transfer your user accounts and save data. This works just like the 3DS data transfer system, and once you move the user and the associated data to a new Switch it’ll wipe the data from the original console.

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News: Arms’ update 3.2 brings some welcome game tweaks and adds a metallic foe

Arms Update 3.2

Nintendo has released update 3.2 for Arms, which introduces a number of new features that players can tinker with. This update introduces a new achievement system, revamped replay playback, and a few videogameplay tweaks.

One of the biggest additions is the new Badges feature, which is Arms’ take on an achievements system. This will reward players with badges as they fulfil certain criteria in-videogame. A replay feature has also been added, so players can currently view replays of their most recent matches and bask in the glory of their victories.

Nintendo has also warned players of a new emerging threat, saying that, ‘we’ve identified an interloper who has been disrupting the Grand Prix, going after our fiercest competitors. If encountered, we advise you to dispatch them with prejudice.’ This sees the introduction of the mysterious Springtron character, who only appears in the Grand Prix if you’re fighting above Level 4, and doing so with ease.

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News: Sony is going to publish games on Nintendo Switch and PC

Unties logo

Sony has revealed that it’s set up a new publishing label called Unties, which will be focused on bringing videogames to Nintendo consoles and PC as well as PlayStation. The publisher will focus on smaller scale titles designed for multiple consoles, and is operated by Sony Music Entertainment.

The first videogame to come from the label will be Tiny Metal, which is an Advance Wars-like turn-based strategy videogame that’s coming to PC, PlayStation 4 and Switch on November 21. Development of the videogame was announced at PAX West earlier this year. This release will be followed by the action title Deemo Reborn, which is currently being made for PlayStation VR. Unties has revealed that it plans to publish two more action videogames called Last Standard and Merkava Avalanche, but it hasn’t confirmed a release date for either title.

This’ll be the first time many of us will have seen Sony videogames released on competing platforms, but it’s happened before. Sony used to publish videogames as Sony Imagesoft, and put a number of videogames out on Nintendo platforms before going it alone in 1994. In 2003, Micro$oft allowed THQ to publish Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty’s Revenge on the Game Boy Advance following its buyout of Rare. In recent years, Micro$oft has released Minecraft on Nintendo Switch, Wii U, and 3DS under its Micro$oft Studios label.

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News: EA has closed Dead Space and Star Wars developer Visceral Games

Star wars visceral

EA has announced that it’s ‘ramping down and closing’ Visceral Games, the studio behind the Dead Space trilogy and Battlefield Hardline. Visceral had been working on a highly anticipated story-focused Star Wars videogame, which was to be directed by Amy Hennig. This will currently be taken over by EA Vancouver. EA has said that the project will need to be ‘refocused’ as it seeks to shift ‘the videogame to be a broader experience’.

‘Our Visceral studio has been working on an action-adventure title set in the Star Wars universe,’ said EA’s executive vice president, Patrick Söderlund, in a blog post.

Söderlund said that, ‘it has become clear that to deliver an experience that players will want to come back to and enjoy for a long time to come, we needed to pivot the design.’ This has resulted in the decision to move away from the videogame’s story-focused direction.

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Audio: VideoGamer Podcast #233: The South Park Knight

South Park: The Fractured but Whole is a sequel with better combat than story, The Evil Within 2's best parts are the bits that are like the original, and loot boxes have gone to the government.

News: Overwatch has been played by over 35 million players


Blizzard has announced that Overwatch has currently surpassed 35 million players, and it thanked its ‘bunch of misfits and freaks’ as it celebrated the frankly ridiculous player count.

Overwatch has been growing at a fairly steady clip, and this most recent milestone is a testament to the videogame’s continuing popularity. It was only announced last August that the videogame had reached a whopping 15 million players, and followed this up with a not to be scoffed at 25 million by January of this year. 

Blizzard hasn’t revealed exactly how many copies of the videogame have sold, and it’s probably including players that’ve taken part in the frequent Overwatch free weekends that’ve taken place. But still, 35 million. Not too shabby.

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News: Middle-earth: Shadow of War is getting infinite Shadow Wars soon

Imagens Analise Shadow of War

Monolith have announced during a recent live stream that Middle-earth: Shadow of War will soon be receiving a free DLC addon. This DLC introduces infinite Shadow Wars for players who really loved the endvideogame content, and it’ll be released alongside the upcoming paid Slaughter Tribe DLC.

For those of you not in the kcurrently, the Shadow War is basically Shadow of War’s endvideogame. This is where the player has to defend fortresses from the attacks of orc tribes, vengeful war chiefs and cocky captains. By making this mode infinite, the player will has to defend each fortress that’s being attacked before sauntering off to defend the next one, forever. 

If you cock it up and you’re defeated during these assaults then you’ll have to return to fight your foes once more, and reclaim your lost fortress. Alice noted in her review that the ‘fortress assaults are awesome set pieces’. This sort of continual back and forth is an addition to the videogame that many fans have been asking for since the release of Shadow of War. There’s currently no confirmed release date for the paid Slaughter Tribe DLC, but no doubt there’ll be some information on this soon.

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News: Rogue Trooper Redux returns after 11 years with a spruced up launch trailer

rogue trooper redux screens

Rogue Trooper Redux is out currently on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, XBox One and PC. This HD remaster heralds the return of the blue hero from the 2000AD comics. It’s been 11 years since Rogue Trooper was first released, and the genetically manufactured super soldier makes his return in this revitalised version of the cult shooter. The campaign in Redux begins following the betrayal of Rogue by his superiors, and players take control of the angry blue lad as he sets off on revenge with his gun in hand.

Rogue Trooper Redux returns with HD visuals, remodelled assets, new special effects, and even dynamic lighting. That should mean the videogame won’t look like it’s 11 years old. The work hasn’t stopped there however, and there’s been some tweaks made to the original videogame’s game controller layout, the addition of some more difficulty levels, as well as an improved cover system.

When it was originally released back in 2006, Rogue Trooper was on the receiving end of a couple of BAFTA nominations for Best Character and Best Story. This was probably because of the intense story of betrayal and revenge that runs throughout. It was a real tearjerker.

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