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News: PUBG desert map gameplay reveal announced for next week

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds desert map WIP

PlayerUnkcurrentlyn’s Battlegrounds has been teasing screenshots of its upcoming new desert map for a little while currently, and it seems these reveals could be coming to a head as the first videogameplay footage from the new map is being released next week.

Taking place at The Game Awards in LA on December 7 for which PUBG itself is nominated for the top Game of the Year prize among others, the reveal was announced by awards host Geoff Keighley via his Twitter account. 

There’s still no firm date yet for the release of the desert map, although Greene himself said that the team hopes to have it out ‘later this year.’

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News: December’s PS Plus lineup includes Darksiders II: Deathinitive Edition & Kung Fu Panda

Darksiders 2: Deathinitive Edition Screenshots

Bit of a clash of styles in the PS Plus line-up for next month, as the PlayStation blog has revealed the forthcoming free videogames on offer on the service as Darksiders II: Deathinitive Edition and Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of the Legendary Legends.

The former is a PlayStation 4 remaster of the 2012 action slasher that was originally a THQ property but was picked up by the company currently kcurrentlyn as THQ Nordic when THQ went bust. It comes with all the DLC released for the videogame, and sees you play as Death, one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse.

Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of the Legendary Legends meanwhile is a child-friendly 1-4 player brawl-em-up, featuring characters from the film series. It’s pretty much what you’d expect from film license fodder, but it could be one to let the younger ones have a bash around on over Christmas. 

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News: The Elder Scrolls Online celebrates 10 million player milestone with a week’s free play

The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited Screenshots

Zenimax Online has today announced that MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online has surpassed ten million players, and to celebrate it’s making the videogame completely free to play for a week from tomorrow.

Until December 6 players on PlayStation 4 and PC/Mac will be able to download and explore the main base videogame (that is, not the recent Morrowind expansion) for free, quest with friends and get a bonus of 500 free Crowns to spend as part of what’s being dubbed the ‘#10MillionStories Celebration’. Any progress made during the free week will carry into the full videogame, should you decide to purchase the videogame afterwards.

In addition, a special dungeon event will run during the period which will let intrepid explorers have the chance to obtain bonus rewards including costumes, pets and mounts when they complete any dungeon using the in-videogame Dungeon Finder. Everyone who does so will also be entered into a prize draw where they’ll have a chance to win real life prizes such as a trip to PAX East 2018 and an ESO branded console.

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News: Shin Megami Tensei V getting a Western release on Nintendo Switch

Shin Megami Tensei V screens

Atlus US has today announced that the latest entry in the long running series Shin Megami Tensei will indeed see a Western release on the Nintendo Switch.

Confirming the news with a trailer and screens, there’s not much else to go on other than than the blurb, which tells us it’ll be ‘set in modern Tokyo’ and that ‘players will face a new onslaught of demons in the latest from the highly-acclaimed series.’

This entry will mark the Sega developed RPG franchise’s first appearance on the Switch. Based on the Aya Nishitani novel of the same name, the first videogame came out on the Famicom all the way back in 1987 and spawned both the Devil Spawner and the hugely popular Persona series.

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News: Bungie cancels Trials of Osiris steam to address ‘how we’re reacting to your feedback’ instead

Destiny 2 Imagens Analise

Though we’re only about a week out from Curse of Osiris, Bungie has made the noteworthy step of cancelling a planned reveal of new content in the latest of their recent weekly livesources, and will address recent player ‘feedback’. We’re feeling safe in assuming this feedback has been around the recent Destiny 2 XP issues.

Contention first arose over Thanksgiving last week, when members of the Destiny 2 subreddit undertook research into XP gains after hitting the level cap in Destiny 2, and discovered that players were not earning as much XP as they should be earning. This throttle increased exponentially when undertaking activities that could completed fast, such as grinding Public and Heroic Events.

Bungie responded by holding its hands up in a news post and admitting that this system was indeed in place, that it wasn’t working as intended. The system was immediately switched off, with Bungie promising that XP levels would stay consistent across the board. However, this wasn’t the end of the matter, as this past weekend it emerged (again via the Destiny 2 Reddit) that with the above change, Bungie had in fact also increased the amount of XP needed to complete a level to almost double the original.

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News: Beat up your friends as Gang Beasts heads to the PS4 in December

Gang Beasts Screenshots

Crikey, it’s a good day for long-awaited console conversions, innit?  Flailing multiplayer brawler Gang Beasts has announced that it is to release on PlayStation 4 on December 12 via a post on the PlayStation blog.

The videogame, which has been in early access on PC since 2014, sees you and up to three friends controlling vaguely people-shaped gelatinous blobs, You fight it out sumo-style in a range of arenas filled with hazards, resulting in plenty of madcap physics-based hilarity. 

New for this release is a 2v2 football mode which sees you team up for a kick (we’re not sure if that’s the operative word but anyway) around, and a waves mode where you have to work together to fight off waves of AI controlled enemies and survive as long as possible.

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News: Yooka-Laylee finally dated for the Nintendo Switch

Yooka-Laylee Switch cropped

Despite its colourful visuals and family-friendly vibes making it seem well suited to them, Yooka-Laylee hasn’t had much luck getting onto a Nintendo console so far. That’s about to change, as Playtonic has announced the videogame is set to finally land on the Nintendo Switch next month.

Marking the announcement with a new trailer, the Kickstarter-backed platformer’s Switch release will contain all the updates to the other console versions from the past seven months, as well as Switch-specific features such as a custom achievement system and the ability to play all eight multiplayer videogames with a single JoyCon.

Yooka-Laylee will be available as a direct download from the Nintendo eShop from December 14, with pre-orders going live from December 7. 

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News: Rise & Fall expansion announced for Civilization VI

Civilization 6: Rise and Fall header image

Firaxis Games and 2K have today announced the upcoming release of a new expansion for the latest entry in their long-running strategy series Civilization VI entitled Rise & Fall.

The big new features for the expansion include a new Great Ages mechanic, which will provide new challenges and bonuses as you go through Golden Ages and Dark Ages through Historic Moments. 

Cities currently have their own loyalty too – and how strong it is will have a direct impact on the resources you can get from that city. Governors will also be able to be appointed to these cities, offering unique specialisations and promotion trees that help increase a city’s loyalty.

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