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Afterparty Screenshots

Night School Studios, the studio behind the rather wonderful Oxenfree, has announced their next videogame. Entitled Afterparty, it’s an adventure videogame that will see you get in a drinking contest with Satan himself.

In an exclusive reveal with IGN, the developer gave a few more informations of what to expect. Paying as best friends Lola and Milo, who find themselves unfortunately dying at the start of the videogame, only to end up in a sort of processing area for Hell having no idea what they’ve done wrong to end up there. Over the course of one night, they’ll have to explore the nightlife-themed literal hellscape, with the aim of getting invited to Satan’s exclusive after party in order to meet and beat Satan in a drinking videogame for their immortal souls.

Brilliantly, drinking is going to be a pretty big part of the videogame, with different drinks giving boosts to your character such as courage to speak to particular demons or one that might help your conversation skills to blag yourself some pertinent information. Night School also wants to include nightlife activities like karaoke into the videogame, which sounds fantastic.

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Destiny 2 The Dawning

Next week will see the return of winter event The Dawning to the Destiny series and Bungie has currently revealed what we can expect from the first Destiny 2 iteration of the festivities in a new blog post it posted last night.

Naturally, the most obvious changes will include a sprinkling of festive scurrently and plenty of decorations added to the videogame’s social spaces The Tower and The Farm. There’ll also be huge piles of scurrently, with which Guardians will be able to have scurrentlyball fights because of course. These scurrentlyball fights will also show up in Strikes, allowing you to stun enemies with them for massive damage presumably with the idea you’ve been sticking rocks or unwanted engrams in there.

Mayhem returns to the Strike playlists, meaning abilities charge up faster and point values are cranked up so big scores can be racked up more fast. Victories in the Crucible as well as Strikes will count towards milestones which will grant a Dawning engram once completed. These Dawning engrams can then be opened to uncover exclusive Dawning themed armour pieces, ships, ghosts, sparrows and emotes. Of course, there’s also the option of getting hold of them via Tess and the Eververse with Bright Dust, with Bungie promising that every Dawning specific exotic and legendary armour piece will be sold by Tess at some point over the three week period.

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News: Minecraft: Story Mode Season Two goes Above and Beyond for its season finale trailer

Minecraft S2 EP5 Screenshots

Telltale Games has announced that the final episode of its second season of blocky adventure Minecraft Story Mode entitled Above and Beyond will release next week on December 19, and there’s also a trailer to go with the announcement.

Jessie’s home Beacontown has currently been taken over by the nefarious Admin, and they must put a stop to him once and for all, but first they’ll have to find a way to nullify the Admin’s powers and convince the townsfolk that they themselves are not responsible.

Minecraft Story Mode: Season Two: Above and Beyond releases next Tuesday, December 19 for XBox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Mac, iOS and Android. 

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Video: Watch us figure out this PUBG thing and win prizes

We're interrupting the big December clean-up to have a look at arguably the biggest videogame of 2017: PlayerUnkcurrentlyn's Battlegrounds. Let's see what all the fuss is about at 09:30 GMT, December 15. You can win some Christmas gaming presents if you tune in too.

News: World of Tanks’ latest War Stories campaign tells the tale of the Runaway Tiger

World of Tanks: Xbox One Edition Screenshots

Wargaming sends word that the latest episode of their ongoing new singleplayer campaign content for popular free-to-play title World of Tanks is out currently, and goes for an alternate history angle.

Entitled Runaway Tiger, this particular campaign is a three part story that sees you taking on the role of French resistance fighter Marianne Durieux must capture a well guarded prototype of the Tiger tank (a Panzer VI) and break out of the facility they’re being held in to return it to the Allies, securing a victory for them during an alternate version of the Battle of El Alamein.

It’s available free of charge to all players of the console versions of World of Tanks, including PlayStation 4, XBox One and XBox 360, with the former two also getting the added bonus of enabled 4K and HDR support on the capable versions of those consoles.

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News: Physical version of Rocket League for Nintendo Switch will hit stores in January

Rocket League Switch

Psyonix has announced that a physical version of motorised football hit Rocket League’s Nintendo Switch edition will be making its way to retail shelves next month. North America will get it first on January 16, while the UK will get it ten days later on January 26.

Dubbed the ‘Collector’s Edition’ this version of the videogame will come bundled with a host of DLC for the videogame, including: the Supersonic Fury, Revenge of the Battle Cars, Chaos Run, Aftershock, Marauder, Esper and Masamune DLC packs, as well as a bunch of customisation options from DC’s The Flash as part of the package’s recently announced deal with Warner Bros who’ll be responsible for this retail version as previously reported. 

However, the announcement blog for the package also noted that the releases would have a slightly higher MSRP than the same SKU on other platforms by around 10$USD, with Psyonix justifying the increased cost by saying ‘As much as we tried to keep the retail price down, the truth of the Switch’s increased cartridge manufacturing costs meant that the MSRP had to be higher as well.’

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News: Konami reveals first video of Metal Gear Survive’s single player campaign

Metal Gear Survive Screenshots

Metal Gear Survive is expected pretty soon actually, with a February 22 release date. So it’s high time Konami showed the Kojima-less spin off’s single player campaign, which it has done with a six minute walkthrough video.

Introduced and narrated by the videogame’s producer Yuki Korekado, we get a look at the crafting and hunting aspects of the videogame, as players are tasked with building up your base camp as they undertake missions and fight off the Wanderers. By gathering resources and recipes, players will, as the title suggests, try to survive either by themselves or with other players co-operatively. 

Konami has also announced an open beta is to take place for the videogame between January 18 to January 21 2018 on PlayStation 4 and XBox One, before the February release.

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News: Find out how a Minecraft Xbox One S is ‘crafted’ in this video

minecraft one s

Mojang, developer of Minecraft, has today put out a rather entertaining little video explaining just how a Minecraft XBox One S console is made today. It’s probably not how you think.

It turns out it takes eight dirt blocks and one redstone dust block in order to make the console, and part of the process involves a top-secret enchanting process that this video goes into fascinating detail over, along with the organically grown pixels that are harvested, as opposed to those questionable battery farmed ones.

Seriously though, as a fan of Look Around You I have a lot of time for this little video even if it is a clear marketing stunt to sell the limited edition Minecraft XBox One S console, it’s well worth a watch. 

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News: Injustice 2 gets a time-limited free trial

Injustice 2 Screenshots

DC superhero brawler Injustice 2 has announced that it’ll see a free trial made available this weekend for players to give the videogame a go between December 14 and December 18 on XBox One and PlayStation 4.

You’ll be able to tackle the videogame’s entire multiplayer and versus modes as well as the first three chapters of the videogame’s Story Mode, a particular highlight mentioned by Alice in her review of the videogame earlier this year. Furthermore, we’re told you’ll also get the chance to play with ‘select’ DLC characters via the videogame’s Multiverse mode too.

Sadly the trial does not seem to be on offer for the PC version (or at least there’s no mention of it in the press release) but potential XBox One scrappers and PlayStation 4 pugilists should find the download for the free trial on their respective online stores imminently. The full videogame will also see a 50% discount on those stores for the duration of the trial too, should you decide you want to keep the videogame.

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