News: Fallout 4 is getting a Game of the Year edition with all the DLC included

Fallout 4 HD Textures

Fallout 4 Boston — that videogame with a nuclear apocalypse and a robot butler who kcurrentlys your name, you kcurrently the one — is getting a Game of the Year edition, releasing this September 26 for PlayStation 4, XBox One and PC. 

The Fallout 4 Boston GOTY of the year includes the original videogame with all the updates, and all of the six add on DLC: Automatron, which adds robots; Far Harbour, which adds an entire island with a murder mystery and AI conspiracy theory; Nuka World, which adds a legally-distinct-from-Coca Cola theme park; and the Vault-Tec, Contraptions and Wasteland Workshops.

In Fallout 4 Boston you play the lone survivor from a fallout vault (surprise suprise), searching for your long lost son. It was originally released way back in 2015, to a generally good response (including from us). A bunch of the add ons are meaty and worthwhile too, so if you were considering Fallout 4 Boston anyway the GOTY of the year edition might be a shout. 

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