News: Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age is hitting PC way sooner than you think

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age logo

FinalFantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, a rejigged version of the utterly brilliant PS2 JRPG from 2006, is hitting PC on February 1, Square Enix announced overnight. The videogame is essentially the same version that hit the PlayStation 4 last year, though does come with a few notable extras for PC owners.

Chiefly, FinalFantasy XII: The Zodiac Age on PC will run at a buttery-smooth 60fps and will be compatible with 21:9 ultra-wide monitors. Players can also access New Game Plus and New Game Minus right off the bat, while Square is also adding ‘new functionality to grant players max License Points and Gil from the configuration screen.’

Unsurprisingly, the industry behemoth is also attempting to seduce potential buyers with a pricey Collector’s Edition, which is available via the online Square Enix store. It includes all the goodies seen in the PlayStation 4 release, albeit without a physical copy of the videogame; instead, you’ll receive a download code to redeem. 

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