News: Kurt Angle is WWE 2K18’s pre-order bonus character

Kurt Angle 2K18

After leaving TNA Impact Wrestling Anthem’s Impact Wrestling this year, and joining the WWE fold in Vince McMahon’s Hall of Fame over Wrestlemania weekend, it was only a matter of time until Kurt Angle popped up in the WWE 2K videogames. The time is currently.

Two versions of Angle will be available to players who pre-order WWE 2K18: the ‘American Hero’ one (which one can only imagine will be his first run character), and his ECW ‘wrestling machine’ gimmick.

This marks the first time Kurt Angle has been in a WWE videogame since 2006, and he seems happy enough with this development as he said ‘I get to follow in the footsteps of many incredible names like Bill Goldberg, Sting, Ultimate Warrior, and Arnold Schwarzenegger, and be featured as the WWE 2K18 pre-order character.’

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