News: Luigi is coming to Super Mario Odyssey in free update

Super Mario Odyssey Luigi DLC

If like me you were rather disappointed to see that Luigi (who as we kcurrently is just as cool as his big bro) was left out of Super Mario Odyssey at launch, you’ll be pleased to learn that the skinny fella is making his long-awaited appearance in the videogame with a free update next month.

Sadly, Mario’s ghost-hoovering sibling won’t be a playable character, as he’s instead hosting a new mode called Luigi’s Balloon World. This offers up two new modes, the first being Hide It, which sees players having 30 seconds to scarper off somewhere to hide a balloon. Find It mode has you doing the exact opposite; exploring the world to locate balloons hidden by other players. 

You won’t be able to indulge in Luigi’s new mini-videogame right off the bat however, as Nintendo said that it can only be accessed after finishing the main story in Super Mario Odyssey. 

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