News: PUBG on Xbox One is proving insanely popular despite its issues

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds jetski

PlayerUnkcurrentlyn’s Battlegrounds could have gotten off to a bit of a crap start on XBox One, but the videogame’s issues clearly weren’t enough to put punters off the multiplayer juggernaut. Quite the opposite in fact, as it’s currently been confirmed the videogame has notched up over three million players on Micro$oft‘s box. 

The Big M announced the news on XBox Wire, confirming that PUBG passed the milestone at the end of 2017 after previously nabbing one million players in just 48 hours. Pleasingly, the company also revealed that the videogame’s developer is looking to improve the title with future updates, with one of them rolling out earlier this week. 

PUBG launched in December last year for XBox‘s Game Preview initiative, although in its unfinished state contains a number of issues that its creator is attempting to patch up. Four updates have already been released for the XBox One version of the videogame, while its PC counterpart received a fresh patch this week. 

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