News: Sony producer says the God of War release date will hopefully be announced soon (obviously)

God of War Kratos Rage

God of War remains unequivocally one of the biggest videogames of 2018 on any console, and Sony’s currently said that it hopefully won’t be long until we finally get our mitts on a release date for the hotly anticipated action-adventure. 

Right currently we only kcurrently the PlayStation 4-exclusive is due out at some point this year, with a concrete launch window yet to be confirmed. However, speaking to Japan’s gaming bible (otherwise kcurrentlyn as Famitsu, via DualShockers), Chris Ashimine, Sony Interactive Entertainment’s localisation chief for Japan and Asia, reckons a date will be unveiled by the team soon enough.

That’s about all we have to go on right currently, although it’s certainly encouraging news considering we’ve been waiting just over 18 months currently since the videogame’s initial E3 2016 reveal. 

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