News: Superhot reveals Mind Control Delete standalone expansion pack

Superhot Mind Control Delete screenshots

Stylish shooter-puzzler Superhot is set to get all-new standalone expansion pack named Mind Control Delete, the videogame’s development team announced yesterday.

The expansion promises to add a ‘rogue-like twist’ to the formula, adding new Minds with their own unique ability and videogameplay modifiers, new challenges and ‘procedural rogue-like run generation baked into the core videogameplay loop’ which is quite the mouthful.

Superhot: Mind Control Delete will first go into early access on Steam from tomorrow, December 7. During this time it’ll be available for free to all existing owners of Superhot and anyone who buys the main videogame during its time in early access After it leaves early access and heads into full release – which the developers predict is ‘about 9-12 months away’ – it’s expected to be priced the ‘same as the other Superhot videogames’. 

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