News: This is the Police is coming to Nintendo Switch later this month

This is the Police Review Header

THQ Nordic has announced that it’ll be publishing Weappy Studio’s strategy adventure, This is the Police, for Nintendo Switch on the eShop later this month. A physical version will follow in December. The player will take on the role of a police chief who’s been told by the city’s corrupt couldor that he’s going to be sacked in 180 days. Instead of taking the news on the chin, the ageing police chief decides to stick it to the underworld, the couldor, the labour union, the entire system, and make a nice little nest egg before retiring.

This is the Police is set in the crumbling and crime-ridden city of Freeburg. Diving into a deep story of crime, corruption and intrigue, the videogame centres on the retiring police chief Jack Boyd as he goes about his daily routine, while trying to shaft everyone who’s wronged him. Boyd is voiced by Jon St. John. Yep, that’s the fella who’s also the voice of Duke Nukem. The aim of the videogame is to raise $500,000 before Boyd’s given the old heave-ho. How the money is raised is up to the player. This can be achieved by taking bribes, extorting people, or selling confiscated weapons.

The videogame originally came out in 2016 to a somewhat mixed reception, with particular praise for its visual style, and some criticisms levelled at the videogame’s attempts to take political stances as well as its stilted videogame mechanics.

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